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Buyer’s Guide to Triathlon Bicycles

Your Resource For Triathlon Bikes In Canton and Fraser, MI

Because swimming and running require minimal equipment, triathletes spend the most money on the cycling stage of the event. Anyone interested in training for a triathlon should talk with someone who knows triathlon bikes. Canton, MI is home to Fraser Bicycle, a store that stocks a large selection of equipment and gear for triathletes. We want to help new and experienced cyclists find the best bike for triathlon training and competition.

Bike Fit

If your new bike doesn't fit you like a glove, it really doesn't matter whether you dropped $400 or $4000 on it. Why? Unlike ordinary bicycles, these precision machines are not designed for comfort. In fact, tri bikes intentionally sacrifice comfort for performance, making them more difficult to operate. That difficulty becomes a near impossibility when a bike is not in harmony with the biomechanics of your body. Our advice? Make sure you shop at a store that takes bike fitting seriously. Much like a tailored suit, a quality bike must fit your exact measurements.

Frame Materials

Because lightweight materials make for a faster ride, most triathlon bikes have frames that are made of light metals. Carbon, titanium, and aluminum all have their share of strengths and weaknesses. Our advice? Purchase a bike frame that is comfortable and light enough to help you reach your performance goals. You might start with a cheaper aluminum frame and later upgrade to carbon or titanium once you have reached a certain level of proficiency. With that said, it is always a good idea to invest more in the bike frame than you do in the components since the components can be more easily upgraded.


Campagnolo, SRAM, and Shimano are big names in the component market. All of them offer high-quality parts and accessories for triathlon bikes. As a new rider, you should select a certain group set and add components as you go. It may take you several months, even years to assemble a complete, competitive tri bike, but by that time you will have mastered the use of each new part you added.

If you want a shop that really knows triathlon bikes, Canton, MI is a reasonable distance from anywhere in Wayne and Washtenaw County. Fraser Bicycle has a wide selection of equipment and gear for new and seasoned triathletes, and our staff will be happy to help you make the right choice.