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Fraser Bicycle POWER HOUR Classes 2019/2020

Power based training classes offer incredible performance gains for cyclists of all experience levels.  Beginning in December, Fraser Bicycle staff members will guide you through a structured workout in our Computrainer lab. For the Winter of 2019/2020 we will provide classes twice a week for 3 separate sessions. Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays with the following schedule:

Session 1 December 3rd - December 19th 6:30pm-8pm (3 Weeks)
Session 2 January 7th - January 30th 6:30pm-8pm (4 Weeks)
Session 3 February 4th - February 27th 6:30pm-8pm (4 Weeks)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much?
Session 1 -> 3 weeks and is 90 minutes long with a cost of $60 paid in advance.
Session 2 -> 4 weeks and is 90 minutes long with a cost of $80 paid in advance.
Session 3 -> 4 weeks and is 90 minutes long with a cost of $80 paid in advance.
Who can ride?
Everyone is welcome to join these classes.  Cyclists who have never trained with power will realize the greatest benefit, but experienced cyclists will improve as well.
How does it work?
We use CompuTrainers from RacerMate which provide a varying resistance to simulate riding in the real world.  If the program says you are going up a 4% grade, that is what the resistance is going to feel like.  The same program also calculates how much power you are delivering to the rear wheel.  Because the workouts are based on power, the workouts are easily tailored to EACH riders athletic ability.
What is power?
Power is a measurement of energy.  Specifically, in this case it is measured in watts of energy required to ride at varying speeds while also taking into account the rider's weight.  It is a fantastic measurement because of the instantaneous feedback given the rider, unlike lags associated with using heart rate.
Will I be holding people back?
This is not high school anymore, you don't have to worry about impressing anybody or keeping up with the group.  These rides are good for EVERYONE.  There is no reason to feel intimidated.  We are all doing this because we enjoy cycling.
What do I need?
You definitely need a bicycle.  The trainers will work with wheel sizes 24" up to 700c and the tires MUST be smooth.  Steel quick release levers are preferred and are available for purchase as are trainer specific tires should you need one.  If any of this doesn't make sense to you, please come to the shop before your first scheduled class and we will be happy to help.
How do I sign up?
Give us a call at 586-294-4070 or send an email to and we can reserve your spot in the classes.
What if I still have questions?
We are here to help.  Please stop in or give us a call and we will be happy to answer any questions you may still have.