Out with the Old and in with the New

For years we have been asked if we have used bikes, and the answer has usually been No. In order to be able to provide the answer Yes, we have decided to begin accepting trade-in bicycles on a limited basis. We will not accept every bicycle for trade, nor will we simply outright buy a used bike. If you have a decent used bike and are interested in buying a new one from Fraser Bicycle, maybe we can help.

Select Roubaix, Ruby, Diverge, and Sirrus Bicycles

The collar that secures the Future Shock is the issue. If you have an affected model, please stop riding it immediately.

S-Works SHIV

ONLY 500 of this Limited-Edition model will be produced. We have 4 on order. Reserve one of them now before it is too late.

Train Smart while Having Fun

Enjoy a bike ride without worrying about traffic or weather. Take your physical and mental fitness to the next level. Experience the benefits of a good hard ride when it fits your schedule. Connect to your favorite apps, challenge friends to a hill climb in the French Alps, or compare times and log PR’s on local rides. Everything can be adjusted to your riding style and fitness.

This helmet calls for HELP!