Saturday, March 23rd, 2019

With only one location, we can get back to doing the things that take a little extra time, but you really appreciate. So we are thrilled to be putting on a Triathlon Expo and hosting a Duathlon (Bike + Run) utilizing our CompuTrainers and a quick run through our neighborhood. Representatives from some of our favorite vendors will be here to answer any questions you may have about their products or services. Keep scrolling down through this page to learn what else we have planned

Fraser Bicycle Duathlon

We will once again be hosting 4 heats of our Fraser Bicycle Inside Out Duathlon. Race a custom built 10k race on our Computrainers and immediately transition to a safe 5k run through our local neighborhood. Our Co-Host for this event is RUNdetroit.


Even though they have RockCF on Sunday, they will be providing us with materials needed to mark the run portion of our Duathlon. Staff members will on hand during the day to promote their store in Detroit.

Zwift KOM Challenge Race

Want to show off what a great climber you are? Come rip your legs off on a Wahoo Kickr and see how fast you can get up a fairly steep grade. Earn some swag for your efforts.


Meet Wahooligan extraordinaire, National Sales Manager for Wahoo, Steve Bessonny. He will gladly, although with a friendly bit of sarcasm, answer any questions you may have about their category leading products.

All around nice guy and incredibly strong rider, Dick Brink will be here to represent his brand portfolio. He can provide you with information about bikes, wheels, and pedals from some of the most recognized cycling companies in our industry. Each has a great story behind it, and he will be happy to share them. 

As a member of the Gold Agency, Peter Gast will be here to highlight the products his group represents. If you ask nicely, he will let you see the new highly anticipated SRAM AXS group featuring 12 speeds, integrated power meter, wireless Bluetooth communication and more.

You'll Be Lost Without It

Meet with representatives from the category leader in personal GPS devices. With a wide range of products for marine, auto, sport, and even Fido, Garmin can help keep you on track no matter what your goals.

Performance Redefined

If you are looking for a wetsuit designed by triathletes who actually listen to their customers, Zone3 should be your brand of choice. Brian Young will be here to explain how they fit and perform better than other less expensive suits.

Why Coffee?

Coffee is a daily ritual for us and, as endurance athletes, it helps fuel our active lives. Whether running endless miles, cycling epic mountains, or swimming incalculable laps, coffee is our lifeblood. Ryan Linden will be here to provide samples and explain what makes their roasts so unique.