Power Based Cycle Lab

Power-Based Cycle Lab for All Cyclists

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CompuTrainer is the best training tool available. CompuTrainer is more than a premier bike trainer. It's also a precision bicycle ergometer measuring wattage, heart rate, and cadence. The USA Triathlon and the Canadian Cycling Association rely on CompuTrainer to test and train their national team athletes. You'll be amazed at the realism of CompuTrainer's 3D interactive computer graphics.

Hills, curves, split-screens, and panoramic helicopter views combine with advanced computer algorithms to create the true feel of the road. By pre-training on a simulated course, you gain a big advantage in the actual race. Let us show you how to analyze your pedal stroke and gain efficiency with SpinScan.


Spin Scan

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SpinScan™ Pedal Stroke Analyzer is an exclusive feature of CompuTrainer that helps you increase power and efficiency. The multi-color torque graph represents one full 360° revolution divided into 15° segments. The left/right leg percentage power splits give you the feedback needed to pedal in "circles". It will identify "flat" or "dead" spots in the pedal stroke where optimal power is not transferred to the drive train.

Versatile Facility

Canton, MI, Bikes, Lab Workout Entertainment Image - Fraser BicycleThe Cycle Lab also has four treadmills for those athletes that are looking to do a BRIC type workout. Need to go out on the town after your ride? No problem, since there are two very large clean full bathrooms available. The Cycle Lab is also equipped with two monitors capable of providing workout prompts, playing DVD's, or streaming your favorite content from the Internet. The Cycle Lab is available by appointment for group functions like Movie Rides, Group Training, or a Private Party. For example, check out our Pedal for a Purpose Fund Raiser Event.

Pricing Schedule

The Cycle Lab has 1 1/2 rides starting every almost every hour Monday through Friday with the following schedule:


Monday–Thursday: 10 a.m.–7 p.m.

Friday: 10 a.m.–6 p.m.

Saturday: two 3-hour rides start at 7 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Please note that NO discounts apply to lab pricing


There are three reservation/payment options available for clients to utilize the Cycle Lab. We call them Sport, Elite, and Power Hour.

Sport Level

This level does not allow participants to use the online schedule system or store their bicycle in the lab. Clients must call to schedule a ride, and payment is due before the ride. Rides will start promptly at the scheduled time, so it is advisable to be here at least 10 minutes before the scheduled start to ensure that your bicycle can be loaded into the trainer.

Elite Level

This level provides some great benefits, but it requires clients to provide credit card information to be stored on a secure website. Clients will have access to schedule their rides online up to six weeks in advance. They will also be allowed to store a bicycle in the lab, and Fraser Bicycle staff will ensure that it is loaded in the trainer for their scheduled ride time. Billing will be based on the number of scheduled reservations during the month, and the credit card will be charged on or about the first of each month. You only pay for what you use.

Power Hour

This is a structured class offered on a limited basis, and a Fraser Bicycle staff member leads it. Participation in classes must be paid in full in advance. Visit the Power Hour webpage to find out more.