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Paul Rogers

quit his Quality Control job at General Motors back in 1987 to begin a new career in the bicycle industry. He immediately attended Barnett's Bicycle Institute, one of the premier bicycle mechanic schools, to provide clients with superior mechanical support. Using the knowledge gained from the institute, his experience with GM, and now over 30 years of bicycle sales, he continually works to improve the operations of the business and develop the skill sets of the firm’s employees. He still wrenches on most of the repairs that come through the doors and thoroughly enjoys helping people find the right products to achieve their cycling goals.  In November of 2018 he completed his 4th Ironman with his sons Taylor (bike fitter at the shop) and Ryan (Doctor of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery and has provided him with 3 beautiful  grandchildren). Paul has been married for 38 years to his better half,  Kim, an RN at St John Health Systems.

Ron Schmid

asked for a job on a whim when making a small purchase in February of 1989 and has now literally spent over half of his life here. He became an enthusiast after spending a summer in Austria with relatives and riding bikes in the mountains. He knew immediately that it was what he wanted to be involved with for the rest of his life. Ron continually attends clinics and seminars to keep abreast of developing technologies within the bike industry. For example, in 2012 he received his USA Cycling Race Mechanic License of which only about 50 are issued per year.  Besides wrenching he oversees purchasing, A/P, A/R, HR, marketing, consumer relations, and our web presence. In the off season  he is an avid skier and novice snow boarder, whose goal is to eventually ski on every continent (3 down so far). Ron has two boys, Zach and Collin, and a terrific wife Patty (who has ridden from Seattle to D.C.)  that share his enthusiasm for the business.

Taylor Rogers

has decided to follow in his father’s footsteps and works at the shop full time. He has earned a degree in Marketing and Management from Grand Valley State University. Since joining the shop, he has gone thorugh a number of bike fit classes with ReTul (Toronto), BG Fit Level I (Specialized Bicycles in Morgan Hill, California) and ReTul Level II Aero Fit (Specialized Bicycles in Morgan Hill, California).  Taylor has been participating in triathlons since 2010, and has completed 6 Ironman Events (4x IM Florida & 2x IM Wisconsin) as well as many sprint, olympic, and half IM distance races. He dropped 4 1/2 hours from his IM Wisconsin in 2018 and raced to a 4th place AG podium spot at IM 70.3 Traverse City in 2019. This season he planned to jump into gravel bike racing, but when all events were cancelled, decided to ride 254 miles across state with a group of our Fraser Bicycle Race Team athletes.

Steve Zwierzchowski

has spent the last 10 years of his life in the bicycle industry. Steve’s passion for bicycles and mechanics began at a young age with riding BMX and skateboarding. He has trained and worked alongside some of the best  mechanics in Southeastern Michigan as well as receiving Service Writing training at the Trek Bicycle headquarters in Madison Wisconsin. Steve has a passion for thoroughness and customer service – he wants to make sure that your bike is operating the best it can the first time he works on it. In his spare time, Steve meticulously maintains his Honda Civic Si Hatchback and searches the depths of the world for Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunts and other diecast chase cars. He is also a fabulous cook, loving boyfriend of 9 years and a father to one furry cat child, Ra. If you ride or drive something cool, prepare to have him yell at you out the window of his car about it. 

Collin Schmid

currently attends Fraser High School and is our youngest staffer. He has been begging to work here for years and finally got his start in the spring of 2020. He is always interested in learning new things and is never afraid to ask questions. The relationship to his dad becomes obvious when you see him running to take care of customers. Collin enjoys snowboarding, hiking, cycling, gravel triathlons, and participating in the MiSCA Race Series.

Ryan Green

is a college student at Oakland University and lives in Royal Oak. He bounced around from sport to sport when he was younger until he stumbled upon triathlon. He fell in love with the sport and started training full time about 5 years ago at age 15. Racing with and against his dad they’ve got some friendly competition going on, including Ironman 70.3 Steelhead 2018. He’s very passionate about bikes and what makes them tick, including building his brand new Specialized Diverge Sport. He has a loving girlfriend of 5 years, 3 best friends, and he’s had 3 golden retrievers (number 3 is named Bleu). He enjoys other hobbies such as fishing, disc golf, and re-selling shoes and clothing. He is super excited to finish school and he can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

Vic Schultz

earned a Bachelors degree in Bio-chemistry from Wayne State University. He applied his love of science to a career as a consultant in the medical device field and spent several decades as an adviser in the operating room to cardiologists and cardiac surgeons. As a youth, Vic was always involved in athletics and did some velodrome and criterium racing. Always competitive, he also raced motorcycles and sailboats too. He has run numerous marathons, and 10k’s with a marathon best of 2:50 and a 10 Mile time of 58:00. He also challenged himself to earn a black-belt and taught himself to ride a  unicycle. Rebuilding and restoring vintage British motorcycles has been  another passion for Vic. He has won numerous first place ribbons at the  Detroit Autorama and many vintage bike shows in the Great Lakes region. Newly retired from the medical field, Vic has enthusiastically joined the team at Fraser Bicycle to help with sales. He regularly rides 4,000+ miles per year and his love of bicycles is contagious to all that enter the store. Vic’s annual long ride is the RAGBRAI in July. Married to Susan, the love of his  life, she is also retired and was a Para-legal. They have one child, Allyson, who is a marketing and sales manager for Universal Pictures at Universal headquarters in Burbank, California. 

Raymond James Rogers

has been a part of Fraser Bicycle since he was a puppy. You can usually find him back in the service center when someone is eating or greeting customers with a wagging tail when they come in. When he gets a day off, he enjoys chasing squirrels in his backyard and going for car rides. He will do tricks for you if you have a doggie treat to give him.