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Thinking of buying a new bicycle? One of your first choices, and not necessarily an easy one, will be where to shop. It can be a challenge because there are a myriad of stores that carry two-wheelers, from specialty retailers, to giant department stores, to backyard garage operations.

What we offer, which these large retail outlets and most specialty bicycle retailers cannot match, is friendly, knowledgeable service. We are passionate about bicycles. People do not go into the bicycle business because they want to get rich quickly. They enter the bicycle industry because they love bicycles. That kind of passion and commitment comes across to our customers when they find a staff member who can fit them to a bicycle so they feel comfortable and want to ride it. Long-term relationships with our customers have always been a hallmark of the Fraser Bicycle and Fitness experience. We recognize and address our customers by name, and want to be part of their favorable cycling experiences.

We hire competent salespeople and expert mechanics that are also cyclists and enjoy sharing their enthusiasm about bicycles. They will ensure that you get the right bike and a quality machine. Bottom line, look for a store that's clean, has helpful personnel, offers a good selection, and an on-site repair department.


From your child’s first bike to your latest ride, your local bike shop is so much more than just bikes, tubes and energy bars. It is a meeting place where rides begin, stories are told, friendships are made, and laughter echoes off the walls.

It's a cornerstone of your community that provides trained staff to keep your bike running smoothly, experts to answer your questions, and exudes passion for the sport. Bike shops support your local charity ride or sponsor your local race team. They work to keep your trails and roads safe, accessible and fun and are always there with a smile when it’s your time to play.

Support your local bike shop, support your local community.

Here are the 10 top reasons our store is the best place to shop:

We have an extremely dedicated staff. Part of what makes us so special are the people here. Our employees are genuinely excited to come to work every day and most have been with us for years. This means that you can shop without reservation about the salesperson's intentions and have that extra feeling of trust and be confident that the person helping you today will be here for years and wants to make sure you are happy beyond just a quick sale.

We have the right bike for you. We offer a wide selection of bicycles for different people and uses. We provide expert assistance in selecting the proper bike type and model by asking you lots of questions and most importantly, listening to your answers. This helps us narrow the field of options and lets us show you something that will provide the riding experience you are looking for.

Comfort and safety are built into every bike we sell. Just as shoes come in different sizes to fit different feet, we sell bicycles in different sizes to fit riders of varying heights. This ensures that the rider will be comfortable and able to properly control the bike.

All our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics. Bicycles are shipped from the factory with parts installed, but NOT adjusted. We spend about an hour (depending on the model) assembling, tuning and testing every bike (at no additional charge to you). This is required by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and we pride ourselves in meeting and exceeding the highest standards.

Free cycling advice. Fraser Bicycle employee's are cyclists too! Need to learn how to shift, fix a flat, carry gear, pump your tires? Want to find the best places to ride or friends to pedal with? Just ask, and we'll be more than happy to help.

Every new bike comes with 1 Year of free maintenance. One of the most important services is the first tune-up, which is due after you've ridden your new bike for a few weeks. We try to pre-stress or break-in our bikes as much as possible during the assembly process, however real world riding is the true test. Common adjustments required are derailleurs and brakes, spokes may need to be tensioned to bring a wheel into alignment, or bearings may loosen and need to be adjusted. You are welcome, and we encourage you to, come in as many times as you like in the first year of ownership and have your bike worked on free of charge.

All of our bikes are guaranteed. In the rare event of a breakdown, there's a manufacturer's warranty protecting your purchase. Most frames are lifetime to the original owner and Fraser Bicycle covers all of the components against defects for 1 year.

Our bikes offer the highest quality and value. We have a lot of bicycles. Since we only want to offer you the very best products, we find and carry only the finest brands and models.

Accessories, Accessories, and More Accessories Choosing the right accessories to go with your bicycle will ensure that your cycling experience is a positive one. Cycling shorts are fantastic at providing comfort on long rides. Cycle computers let you know how far and how fast you have gone. Water bottles will provide you with the ability to hydrate yourself. The list goes on and on, so it is our job to make sure you get the help you need to decide which are right for you.

Voted Best of the Best in Macomb and Nationally We have been honored by our customers and readers of the Macomb Daily by being voted the Best Bike Shop in Macomb County for multiple years. We have also received a Top 100 Bike Shop award based on votes from vendors and peers within the bike industry. This is quite the honor considering there are over 4000 bike shops in the U.S.