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Bike Fit is a marriage of bicycle and rider. While the human body does an incredible job of adapting, it is our job as fitters to adjust the bicycle to the rider and not the rider to the bicycle. A rider should not be stretched or contorted to achieve the "ideal" or "Pro" position. Rather, the bicycle should be an extension of the rider and reflect his or her riding style.

Dynamic bike fit is better than static bike fit. Fit while pedaling under load must be considered when fine tuning saddle height and cleat positioning. Static formulas for deciding height do not take into account a riders natural ankleing pattern under load. As said before, "we must make the bike fit the rider", and not attempt to place the rider in a prescribed "ideal" or "Pro" position.

Cycling is a sport of repetition. A cadence of 90 revolutions per minute is roughly 5000 revolutions per hour. A six hour century would require 30,000 pedal revolutions. Obviously the positioning on the bike must be as perfect as possible to prevent repetitive use injuries, and this is why a precision fit is a must for even casual cyclists.

ReTul Bike Fit

We are proud to offer the ReTul Bike Fit Process developed by Dr. Andy Pruitt and the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine for Road and Mountain bikes.

  • Advanced Structural Assessment
  • Advanced Range of Motion Assessment
  • Dynamic Saddle Height
  • Dynamic Saddle Fore/Aft
  • Dynamic Handlebar Positioning including Reach, Width, and Drop
  • Footbed Fitting
  • Advanced Cleat Adjustment
  • Including Hip/Knee/Ankle Alignment
  • Change Saddle or Stem if needed (parts are not included in pricing)

RETUL Motion/Data Capture

Retül is based in Boulder, Colorado and has produced market leading bike fit technology since 2007. With backgrounds in cycling, triathlon, and mountain biking as well as engineering, biomechanics, and sports marketing, the folks at Retül combined their passions and areas of expertise to deliver motion capture bike fit to the retail market.  We are proud to offer these fantastic tools to our clients.

$325 ReTul Fit Includes:

  • Interview/Information Gathering
  • Pre-fit assessment
  • The Retül system eliminates the guesswork and assumptive nature of bike fit.
  • Retül promotes and encourages accurate and data-driven decisions for bike fit while considering the goals, individual biomechanics, strengths, and limitations of each rider.


Fitting appointments are available Monday through Friday. The time it takes to complete a fitting will vary based on the clients needs, but generally takes about 2-2.5 hours.



Josh Rickaby - VP Infinite Multisport

When I first went to Fraser Bicycle to have a fit, I thought I had a good position and just needed a few tweaks. Taylor showed me how to dramatically improve my position from an efficiency, power and aero perspective. Over the last three years I have worked with Taylor on multiple areas of my bike position, from seat style, crank length, drop, cleat position and head placement. The end result has been I am more powerful, aggressive and aero without sacrificing comfort. I cannot recommend highly enough the value of a professional fit and they don't come any better than Taylor and Fraser Bicycle. Taylor is a triathlete and understands what we are all trying to achieve. If you want to take your bike to the next level the Fraser fit studio is the place to do it.